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  • What to bring to my appointment ?
    Patients must arrive 10 min prior to their scheudled appointment. New patients, please arrive 15 min prior to your appointment. When arriving for your appointment, please bring the following: Current medication bottles or medication list, photo ID, insurance card(s), and copay.
  • Do I have to be present during my child appointment?
    All children must be accompanied by legal guardian for their first visit. For subsequent visits, a signed consent form must be signed by their legal guardian for the child to be seen without legal guardian present ( For example: child seen with family member, baby sitter, etc need a consent form signed by their legal guardian). Consent form available on Form Page and can be dowloaded and brought to appointment.
  • What is your No Show and Late Policy?
    No Show Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so as soon as possible. We try to call you and remind you of your appointment the 1-2 days before. Cancelation with less than 24 hour notice is considered a noshow. If you schedule an appointment and fail to keep it, a $25.00 “no show fee” will be charged and payable before the next appointment. Late Policy: Our provivders will try very hard to respect your time and to keep waiting times at a minimum. It is our goal to see you at your scheduled time. To do that, we ask that you do not arrive late to your appointment, as that makes several appointments after you run late. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to be seen and your appointment will be rescheduled. We will do our best to fit you in that day, but there may be a wait, as on-time patients will be seen first.
  • How do I need to get my lab and imaging results?
    If you have a scheduled appointment, we will wait and discuss results with you. If it is a critical result, you will receive a phone call to schedule an apointment with your provider. If your labs are normal and do not have a scheduled appointment, our medical assistants will call you with your results or send you a letter, if we are unable to get hold of you, once the provider has reviewed them. We must have written permission from you to leave results on your voicemail or with someone other than yourself. ​ If you haven’t heard from us within 7-10 business days, please contact our office. There may be times when circumstances beyond our control arise which may cause delay.
  • How to get my prescription refilled?
    Call your pharmacy first for your routine medication refill. You may already have a pending refill with the pharmacy. If you must leave a message for a prescription refill request at our office, please do the following; Say your name clearly, include your date of birth and phone number. Say your pharmacy clearly, with their phone number and cross streets. Clearly leave the name of the medication, dosage and how often you take it. Call the pharmacy, after a reasonable amount of time, to see if the prescription has been processed or refilled. Narcotic Prescription will require regularly scheduled office visits and be filled during the visit. Narcotic Refill request will not be processed on Friday, after hours, on holidays or weekends. Please plan ahead! Don't wait until the last minute! Allow 48 hours for a request refill to processed. We will try to do it within the same day, but give the office 48 hours before calling. Call the office at least 3 days prior to running out of your meds.
  • What is you Narcotic Medications and Controlled Substances Policy?
    Narcotics and controlled substances will NOT be prescribed to a new patient, on the first visit. Tucson Family Care does not treat and does not prescribe chronic pain medications. If you need chronic pain medication, you will be referered to Pain Management Specialist. We believe in a whole body approach to the treatment of chronic pain, including, physical therapy, pain management consult, weight loss, a regular exercise program.
  • Messages left for the physician/Medical Assistant
    At times, you will have questions about minor problems, referrals, medication refills, that our staff is trained to handle by phone. We will do our best to answer messages before the end of business day. However, please allow 48 hours for messages to be returned. We believe that the best medical care is provided at the office, during a face to face appointment. If you call the office and want to speak with the provider, most likely our provides are in a room with another patient. Their medical assistants are availble to answer your straight foward questions or take a message and get back to you with the answer after consulting with the provider. We will do our best to answer messages before the end of business day. Please allow 48 hours for messages to be returned. The patient portal is an exellent way to communicate with your provider, or other staff in the office.
  • What to do in case of emergencies?
    During office hours, minor emergencies and acute illnesses which demand immediate attention will be worked into the schedule, as soon as possible. As a courtesy to our scheduled patients, we ask that you call before coming to the office. If it is a major, life threatening emergency, dial 911 and go directly to the nearest emergency room. ​
  • After Hour Calls:
    Call 911 for life threatening emergencies. Calls of an urgent nature, that can not wait to regular business hours, will be transferred to the doctor. Please do not leave messages, for the on-call physician regarding scheduling appointments, medication refills or routine, non-emergent questions.
  • Patient Portal
    Our patient protal is an excellent way to communicate with your provider or staff. The provider can not treat or diagnose over the portal. The provider does not check the portal on weekends, holidays or vacations. If your message is not answered in 48 hours, please call the front desk at 818-8477. If you would like to sign up for the portal, call the front desk at 818-8477 and they can assist you. You will need to provide and email address.
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