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At  Tucson Family Care we beleive in peventive medicine to improve patient well-being. The goal is to ultimately prevent disease, disability, death and improve the quality of life.

Studies have showen that  a modest weight loss is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars. 

Tucson Family Care partnered with Ideal Protein Weight Loss:  Ideal Protein is a medically designed, nutritionally-based ketogenic Protocol that uses food as medicine to empower you to lose weight and live a healthier life. The Ideal Protein Protocol is a doctor-designed, coach-led, Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol that has been exclusively developed & designed to help you lose weight, stabilize your weight loss and maintain it for the long term.

  • It’s effective and nutritionally safe.

  • Is low-carb, low-fat, and provides the right amount of protein.

  • Resets the body to burn fat while retaining muscle.

  • Replaces vitamins and minerals you miss from certain foods during weight loss with supplements.

  • Ideal protein helps you sustain your weight loss for the long run.


The fact that the diet is low-carb and low-fat sets Ideal Protein apart from other keto diets. Unlike the other keto diets, Ideal Protein provides adequate amounts of protein to protect from muscle loss so you do not risk a protein deficiency. Ideal Protein is a lower-fat, nutritionally ketogenic Protocol. Ideal Protein also provides the recommended daily intake of the vitamins and minerals you need while following the Protocol.

Ideal Protein Foods: Make great and tasty choices

  • Over 80 delicious foods to choose from- check out some of the products linked on our pre-order page

  • Tasty, easy to prepare, and convenient

  • Savory or sweet, hot or cold, crunchy or smooth

  • High-quality protein


Please contact the clinic to scheudle your consultation with one of our coaches.  520-818-8477

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